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CHAN 2023: Can Uganda Finally Break the Group Stage Curse?

by Simon Peter Asiimwe

The seventh edition of the African Nations Championship (Chan) officially gets underway in Algeria. With growing criticism in Uganda about previous performances, it is time to walk the talk and go past the group stages.

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Empowering Girls: a Pack of Pads Per Month

by Ange Iliza

In Rwanda and Kenya, activists and educators are fighting period poverty to encourage girls to continue their education and reduce the stigma and societal concerns around menstruation, health and hygiene.

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The Wake of a New Era in Uganda’s Hip-Hop Music

by Charlene Kasumba

Hip hop is one of the newer genres to be widely practiced in Uganda. Mainstream acceptance of the music genre was almost nonexistent in the 1990s when some of the pioneer groups started doing hip-hop on a commercial basis. Wake has taken the industry by storm and is hopeful about what the future holds.

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COVID-19 and its Minions

by Nibras Abdulbasit

The trio of COVID-19, monkeypox, and Ebola, as challenging as they might be, provide a much needed lesson in how multifaceted a health scare can be and how precautions are necessary to include all of them if we truly want to escape one pandemic after another for the foreseeable future.