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Supporting the Deaf in Uganda

by Sarah Biryomumaisho

On the occasion of International Day for Sign Languages, Andariya speaks with Kassita, a deaf student at the Masaka School for Children with Special Needs with its headmistress, discussing the struggles of the deaf in Uganda.

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Are you Pro-Arts, Pro-Science, or Both?

by Tusiime Tutu

Arts and science are fields that contirbute to the development of the country. But which shows greater impact on its economy?

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Free the Arts

by Faiz Hassan

Five Sudanese artists, along with renowned director Hajooj Kuka, arrested on faulty accusations and sentenced to 2 months in jail with a penalty.

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Fishermen & the Challenges of their Catch

by Hassan Kamil

Jebel Aulia, 40 kilometres south of Khartoum, is considered the largest fishing ground in the capital. According to a report published by the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO) of the United Nations, an estimated number of 500 fishing boats sail in the White Nile’s dam.