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Hate Speech in Sudan: Furthering the Social Cleavage

by Aya Tariq

The divisiveness hate speech creates, a divide between all the different parts of this nation that we continue to propagate on social platforms by being silent.

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Growing up with Hate in Sudan

by Ahmed Elkamil

The term ‘hate’ has various types, including social, racial, national, religious, and other hateful vocabularies. It has another definition, as “biased speech that insults human dignity, obscures bad faith because of distress, and is insulting”. Given the state of Sudan with its different ethnicities and tribes, we find this great diversity followed by the shadow of hate speech.

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I: Insult, or Hate?

by Marrian Haileselassie

The most commonly used slurs among the Sudanese are “Slave” and “Maid”, and similarly more that follow as hate terms are based on tribal attributes.

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The Impact of Trade Misinvoicing on Uganda’s Small Scale Coffee Farmers

by Sarah Biryomumaisho

Coffee is one of Uganda's top exports, yet not all who are involved in this industry are paid fairly.