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This is an official statement that reaffirms Andariya’s impartiality and dedication to publishing stories that people create. In this context, Andariya will not allow its various platforms to be used and exploited as spaces to spread hate speech, misinformation or targeted propaganda. The editorial team seeks to preserve the authentic voices of African storytellers, especially those from conflict-affected areas, with full transparency and freedom of expression.

As the violent conflict in Sudan continues, we understand and sympathize with the frustration, anger and suffering of the Sudanese people, and dedicate our efforts to lending our platform to those who have a story to share with the world, in the hope of raising public awareness of the conflict in the Sudan and how the war has affected the people and the country in many ways. We reiterate Andariya’s commitment to human rights, mutual respect and equality and will not tolerate any content that endangers these values.

As we begin to cover the Sudan crisis through people's stories, Andariya wishes to reaffirm its commitment to maintaining ethical standards. Without platforms like Andariya, citizens have no access to balanced information and no means through which citizens can know more about or share their concerns.

Andariya believes that the creation of independent content is a prerequisite for an open and democratic society, which is why we are committed to creating professional, critical and independent content. We will not allow any content promoting hate speech, targeted propaganda and misinformation to be disseminated on our channels.


Andariya's editorial team