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Sudan's Post-war Challenges

by Amr Abbas

In this essay, we explore five complex and multifaceted challenges we expect to face in post-war Sudan.

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Recap of Space 4: Culture Shock and Resettling

by Editor

Here is a summary of the main points drawn from the informative conversation in the fourth X space of the Andariya series of spaces on the Sudan crisis, held on January 24th, titled "Culture Shock & Resettling: Addressing the mental burden resulting from experiencing war and displacement."

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Goodbye Julia: War without Peace

by Mina Cherradi

In Goodbye Julia, Kordofani guides us into the heart of the multi-layered Sudanese conflict that led to the independence of South Sudan.

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Life Happens in Between

by Sara Sayed Ahmed Osman

As the war rages on in Sudan, the decision to flee was not in the plans for many, but they gradually started losing hope and the fighting was mentally taking a toll on everyone.