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Image Credit: Mohamed Altoum

A year ago, writers, designers, photographers and artists were invited to build a bilingual digital platform to show Sudan and South Sudan through their eyes to a broad audience inside and outside the Sudans. On Feb 6th, Andariya celebrated one year since it took off. In this new series we will introduce the Andariya team starting with the founders Salma Amin and Omnia Shawkat.

1: Your favorite Andariya article?

Salma: REALLY tough one! The Blacker the Berry.

Omnia: It’s a tie between Khalid AlBaih’s about our use/misuse of Whatsapp and Abubakr Mohammad’s guide to visiting Dindir National Park.

2: If Andariya was a person, how would he/she look like?

Salma: A woman who loves hoops, colorful African prints and boho hairstyles!

Omnia: Ethan Hawke in Gattaca! Casually calculating how to get from A to B regardless of the hurdles.

3: One year of Andariya, looking back give us your best moment?

Salma: When we published the second issue, oh boy, it was just like giving birth. While at it, shout out to our saviour, Reem Gaafar.

Omnia: Every time someone joins the Andariya family.

4: Funny story during working at Andariya?

Salma: When I found out how Omnia and Shihab met! Apparently, they briefly met 3 years ago while at a To Sudan With Love event – and thank God she saved his number. Fast forward 2 years later, we were looking for someone to design our logo, so she rings him from California, “Hi, you design right? I need you to design a logo for me”. He said yes and has been an integral family member ever since – and he does a lot more than just design!

Omnia: I was introduced to Deng Aling through two different channels and we had two discussions going simultaneously (one in English and another in Arabic) until more than a week later I realized it’s the same person!

5: Best thing about working at Andariya?

Salma: Our community for sure, and it keeps growing.

Omnia: Definitely the community. 


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