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Andariya's Learning Platform:


About Us

Andariya is an independent leading media enterprise in Sudan, Uganda and the East & Horn of Africa with headquarters in Khartoum & Kampala.  Through its digital outlets, Andariya creates and publishes content on grassroots issues, such as gender, education, health, social and environmental affairs, technology, arts and culture. Andariya has four main specialty areas: content creation, research, community engagement & capacity building, and cross-cultural projects and events.


Due to the constant school shutdowns because of the political turmoil since 2018, the pandemic and current war, an estimated 19 million children are currently out of school and their future is uncertain. This was further aggravated by severe record-breaking floods in 2021, when many schools were destroyed. The constant school shutdowns and continued disruptions (due to protests/conflict/employee strikes) caused haphazard school openings, rushed coverage of curricula, and a focus on students sitting for exams without adequate comprehension of materials or preparation for the examination.

Andariya, with more than 8 years of experience in innovative content creation is motivated to take part in the problem solving of this catastrophic crisis, to renew our commitment to our community. In late 2022, we conceptualized an online learning platform and service, later named: Nit3allam (Let's Learn).


Nit3allam aims to fill the problematic gap in disrupted and fragmented education, providing on-demand lessons for Sudanese students to better comprehend educational curricula through innovative educational methods, and adequately prepare for exams. We aim to make high quality education accessible and affordable to everyone, through dynamic and high quality digital educational content, accessible on a platform that organizes content, simplifies concept development and tracks learners’ progress.


Andariya is pursing a partnership with a competent Egypt-based production house that can holistically manage and execute the production process for digital learning content. With support from supported Andariya, the production house is responsible for the creation of high quality videos that match the creative and technical directions of the Nit3allam platform.


The production house’s capabilities must include but are not be limited to providing:

  1. professional filming and post production services from drawing the storyboard, art direction, shooting style, top notch filming equipment, established studio location and excellent post-production experts to add color treatment, consistency, music and animation.
  2. client services officer a focal point for our communication and requirements, who has excellent attention to detail, a positive attitude and strong expertise in project management.
  3. proven track record of the successful delivery of digital content for projects in diverse sectors, preferably including education.
  4. experience and in-depth knowledge of cross platform content, animations, and editing.



At this early phase of our platform's development, we want to create educational content for finalist high school students following the Sudanese national curriculum, encompassing three subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. Andariya will vet and contract the teachers who will provide the educational content and coordinate with them to facilitate creative production. Meanwhile the production house is expected to carry out the following tasks:


  1. develop a creative direction for filming that has the end-user in mind (target demographic of this content is 14 to 18 year old students), meaning that it should foster attention, focus, and ease of content consumption and platform engagement.
  2. incorporate brand identity, ensuring consistency and coherence visually, while allowing for each subject to have individuality with creative visual cues.
  3. shoot, direct and fully edit lesson recordings in a studio, and deliver final product videos for upload on the platform.
  4. post-production and delivery of content; editing videos, music, color treatments, and insertion of animations as educational/visual aid etc..   



For each of the three subjects we expect the delivery of high quality final product videos with the following breakdown:

  1. Math

o 12 lesson videos – each lesson duration varies between 15 – 20 minutes maximum  

  1. Chemistry

o 12 lesson videos – each lesson duration varies between 15 – 20 minutes maximum  

  1. Biology

o 12 lesson videos – each lesson duration varies between 15 – 20 minutes maximum  


This equals to 36 unique videos, between 540 - 720 minutes of recording.


Submitting a Proposal


Please submit your proposal entailing your company’s profile, portfolio of past projects, production proposal and budget breakdown.


The deadline to receive proposals is the 30th of October, 2023.


Please submit your completed proposal in an email to with the subject line: "Egypt Production House Proposal"

Submissions can be in Arabic or English.


Queries and questions can be directed to the same email as above by the 20th of October.

Andariya is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any applicant because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age.


Andariya's editorial team