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Image Credit: Siddig Haidar 

Dear reader,

We struggled to identify the best way to curate a bi-lingual magazine.

As the title of this blog post entails, we realize that translations are only approaches, they can never recapture the original text. The Italian cliche “traduttore, traditore” (translator, traitor) captures the futility of trying to perfect translations.

Nonetheless, translating each piece from Arabic to English and vice versa is a core Andariya principle. Knowledge sharing is an everyday feature of the human experience, and it is our goal to ensure that all the knowledge we collect and share is fairly distributed among the biggest two languages in Sudan and South Sudan.

We appreciate that an essence or poetic form may be diluted from one language to another, but we are about reach and dialogue.We hope you agree and see the value in this.

Dear writers,

Forgive the nature of translation of your beautiful words and the potential loss of some of the magic, but we do have the best intentions in mind. . We remain committed to choosing translations that best fit your intended meanings and contexts.




Andariya's editorial team