Digital Content Producer - Sudan

Digital Content Producer - Sudan

Posted on : October 19, 2021
Closing date : March 13, 2022

Full-Time Position

Type: Local-Sudan

Application requirements: CV and portfolio

About Andariya

Andariya is a bilingual digital cultural multimedia platform and cross-cultural enterprise in Sudan, South Sudan & the East and Horn of Africa, established in 2015. Andariya creates multimedia content across its omni-channels & builds creative cultural exchange & research projects.

Overview & Responsibility

As a Digital Content Producer (DCP) for Andariya in Sudan, you will be in charge of planning, managing and executing editorial and programmatic content as it lives across editorial, social and video platforms. The content will be targeted at developing and growing audiences in Sudan on social media platforms, and driving traffic to the website. In addition, the DCP is required to keep abreast with all cultural and artistic events, connections, networks, organizations, corporations and individuals, to enable Andariya to gain traction and position by engaging the sector at large. The engagement for the content creator will be reflected in dynamic and interesting content across Andariya’s omni-channels. The role engages the DCP with the founders, editors, creative directors, videographers/photographers, writers, translators, platform partners, clients and others within and beyond Sudan. In such interactions, the DCP will represent themselves, their capacity and the brand at the best of their ability.

As a Digital Content Producer, you are responsible for:

· Contributing consistent content to solidify the overall Andariya’s digital content growth on the website and social media

· Supporting social media growth and relevant content production for Sudanese audiences by monitoring digital landscapes and sharing relevant cultural links

· Support the editorial strategy

-Create content based on priority thematic areas, types, stories and campaigns

-Manage self-output in line with the strategy that will engage audiences online and drive traffic to the website, and liaise with the Editorial team consistently

· Advocate for Andariya to wider businesses, including local press, and key stakeholders

· Represent Andariya in public spaces (press events, panels, public events) when applicable

· Scout for platform partners aligned with brand values to expand the brand’s visibility

- Pitch collaborations and co-creative projects

- Support project outputs, budget and personnel as needed

· Find opportunities for promoting Andariya’s platform and mission with relevant regional and international media and institutions

· Find and harness the platform’s target audience to expand its base and influence

· Keeping up with the latest storytelling and digital media trends and events locally and in the region, for participation and engagement representing Andariya

· Ensure editorial headlines and posts captions are robust, engaging and will drive traffic to the website 

You are

v Creative in your writing, persuasive in your ideas’ formulation, outgoing with your interest in topics

v Addicted to curating and steering digital conversations that reflect real life issues

v In tune with world and local affairs in the arts and culture scenes, with special interest in human stories, research and current hot topics such as health, education and misinformation

v An avid organizer and time management wizard

v Pay attention to detail when creating content, acknowledging the different contexts of various texts

v Comfortably communicative and responsive across different platforms

v Have proactive conversation steering capabilities

v Have excellent linguistic and creative abilities to relay ideas and thoughts to a general audience

v Polite, kind and helpful – remember the content consumer is always right!

To apply for this position, please send all the required documents to