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Dear Reader,

After three issues that tapped into food, travel and social initiatives, we wanted to explore new possibilities; so we asked you to pitch themes for our fourth issue. The aim was to get new ideas flowing and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. You’ve enriched our Magazine calendar with exciting ideas that we will strive to cover in upcoming issues.

For our fourth issue, we chose one of your nominations; Art. You must be wondering “what type of art” and this is where the magic happens. We’re calling out to all the writers, art enthusiasts, critics, producers & developers to send us your pieces and what YOU think deserves highlighting.


Let’s discuss music, fashion, design, cinema, literature, photography & mash it up with culture, technology & society’s impact on the different art scenes. 

Thank you for helping us choose the topic of our fourth issue.
Have a story or critique about local or diaspora arts and artists that will inspire and inform about the richness of artful expression in the Sudans?

E-mail us your pitch: 


Andariya's editorial team