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The Sudans are complex environments riddled with political, economical and social issues meshed with diverse and sometimes conflicting traditions. The general state of the world and how it impacts us as communities living within some forms of globalization can leave many in a pervasive state of helplessness and confusion.

Mental health has been a global wellness issue and an important theme in various fields it crisscrosses; health, technology, culture, society and more. Our understanding of mental health in Sudan and South Sudan has been shaped by our environment and traditional norms. As we face more and more globally and locally pressing issues, the precedence of mental health disorders, issues and difficulties is rising and challenging us as communities to progress in wellness and confidence.

In this series we would like to explore mental health themes that shed light on the individual, the society, the system, the global challenges and trends. We are looking for essays, books and movie reviews, short fiction and poetry, photo-essays, open letters, comics and first person accounts on:

  • mental health and wellness
  • self care mindset and routines
  • mental health issues in Sudan & South Sudan; causes and consequences
  • mental health and wellness for the family
  • mental health in the educational system
  • traditional versus modern look into mental health
  • various mental health issues in depth; related to trauma, genetic, chronic or other illness, etc.
  • personal and professional coping mechanisms
  • professional centers and specialists in Sudan

Submission guidelines:

Words limit: 700-1800


Due to the sensitivity of some of the topics surrounding mental health, Andariya respects the right of authors to remain anonymous and will comply with their wishes if they state them as such.

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